Twirling into the New Year

This little sweet pea… well, honestly, she’s the most fun to photograph.  She’s just a doll and is always up for anything including creating some stunning black and white portraits. So in addition to taking a few shots with her baby doll, her mermaid, and some of her pets, we spent a good ten minutes just twirling in a beautiful green velvet holiday dress.  There was stunning light peaking in from the front door windows, and so we just twirled and twirled like a ballerina in the hallway.  I personally think twirling is good for your soul.  So is dressing up in a fancy dress every once in awhile too.  (And maybe some gold glitter Mary Janes too)!  That quote about dance like no one is watching – I think that’s going to be my new mantra for 2019.  It seems like a really great way to start the New Year, doesn’t it?black and white photo of girl in dress

Want to see some more of this little cutie?  Check out her family session here and her vintage summer session here.

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