~ The M. Family ~

The very brave M. family endured a bit of a chilly December morning to capture some truly stunning family photos. The month of December doesn’t typically scream “let’s schedule a photo session,” but I’m going to let you in on a little secret… winter photo sessions are pretty spectacular. Seems strange, right? Let me explain. First winter lighting is amazing. The neutral palette makes colors (and people) really pop from the background. Frost and snow act as really great natural reflectors bouncing white light back up on to people. With the harsh sun not out as much, I can shoot in a lot more locations where strong summer sun might have been an issue. Chilly weather makes for more cuddles (always a plus)! And winter boasts some amazing coats, sweaters, hats & scarves that add the perfect amount of texture and depth to images, while also making it a bit easier on us moms to coordinate clothing. And for those of you who don’t love to step in front of the camera, winter sessions are typically shorter and more efficient out of necessity. So if you’re feeling brave like the M. family, consider scheduling a winter session for some truly beautiful images. They did a truly amazing job. My favorite, though, was all that cuddling.

family of four on bridge

girl with brown hair

family photo shoot

Want to brave the chill for some beautiful wintery family images? Let’s chat!

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