~ The M. Family ~

I consider myself pretty lucky to have the opportunity to photograph these six every year. And this year, it was extra special because we had the chance to include the WHOLE family (Wrigley included) in their summer session. May I just say that Wrigley might be the MOST photogenic & smiliest dog ever!

The M. family’s photo session this year happened to take place in our fenced in backyard (for Wrigley) and because of that, combined with my family, there were six kids running around along with three dogs.  And it may have been just a little extra crazier than normal. (Obviously ALL family sessions are a little bit crazy. I would have them no other way). But this one, with all the dogs, was a little bit more than normal. Yet, we got tons of amazing images (and had lots of popsicles and plenty of backyard playing time (for kids and dogs) added in as a bonus!

Want to see their family photo shoot from last fall? Interested in an scheduling your family shoot with the WHOLE gang?  Let’s chat!

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