~ The A. Family ~

The A. Family are always one of my favorite to photograph. For this year’s holiday family photo shoot they were up for anything, and the dresses…oh the dresses!! And glittery shoes.  And big bows. As a mom living in a house full of boys, I very much appreciate all the glitter and fancy dresses.  So we usually have a little mini-shoot at the end with the little princess of the house because a girl needs to have wardrobe changes.  Am I right?  The family got to brave a very cold morning last month out in their backyard.  They got  to use that adorable sled that I had been dying to break out. And then we all headed inside for some more shooting.  And that mini-shoot at the end?  Well stay tuned next week for an entire blog on that.  (But there is a little fun sneak peek at the end of this blog with a very, very pink bath tub). Because if you are a little girl that is lucky enough to have her very own pink bathtub, we WILL be taking photos in it!

brothers outside

boy sitting on sled

girl in hat

boy in hat

girl in green dress

girl in pink bath tub

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