~ The A. Family ~

I saved the best for last. This is my last post of the season, and of course, one of my favorites! It’s pretty amazing when you have the opportunity to photograph not only a great family but wonderful friends, too. Wonderful friends that pretty much let me photograph how ever I want and bring a lot of adorable outfit changes along for the adventure. I’m pretty sure I have more images of these three kiddos on my computer than I do of my own kids. This fall we scheduled an amazing sunset session with the WHOLE family… those two dogs that I’ve been dying to get my hands on. (And no… one of them did not eat me. I’m still here).  Not only did we have the dogs, but we happened to get super lucky with one of the most AH-MAZING sunsets! Really. I don’t think I’ve noticed one this beautiful in a very long time. Of course, someone just happened to have a rainbow dress and sunglasses to match. Yeah. Life works out pretty well sometimes.

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Interested in capturing the WHOLE family next season? I’d love to chat!

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