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There has been an implosion of new puppies all around us! We have our new little rescue, Charlie. Our friends have a new (big!!) girl. It seems that the park and school pick up is full of them. We’ve been running into furry little faces everywhere we go. Which I think is amazingly wonderful because […]

Puppy Portraits!

Saint Bernard puppy

October 10, 2019

These two… I could literally photograph them all day.  All. Day. Long.  I know I might be biased, but they are the sweetest of buddies.  Whenever the camera appears, they cuddle up for snuggles.  And this says a LOT because this little girl is NOT a cuddly dog.  Don’t let looks fool you.  She’s mostly […]

~ Best Buds ~

a boy and his dog, shiba inu, Bridget Lynn photographjy

July 23, 2018