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I have SO many beautiful fall family sessions that I haven’t had a chance to post yet on the blog. All my sessions are completed and online galleries have all been sent out for the year, so now I have a bit more time to revisit some of my favorite fall sessions and post all […]

The E. Family

fall family poses

December 10, 2020

How lucky am to have had the privilege of photographing the M. family three years in a row now? Pretty much since I first started this photography business. Oh and we all just happen to be really great friends too. Yep, pretty lucky over here. Just look at all these smiling faces from their fall […]

The M. Family

family poses

September 21, 2020

I saved the best for last. This is my last post of the season, and of course, one of my favorites! It’s pretty amazing when you have the opportunity to photograph not only a great family but wonderful friends, too. Wonderful friends that pretty much let me photograph how ever I want and bring a […]

~ The A. Family ~

fall family photos

December 16, 2019

Part of the photographing families, means I have the privilege of meeting lots of new people. Usually there’s some connection… friends of friends, neighbors, people that went to the same schools, or in this case friend’s of friend’s neighbors. And I’m so lucky to have met the L. family! Not only were they a ton […]

~ The L. Family ~

family sitting on bridge

November 25, 2019

Have I mentioned that I do a quiet little happy dance inside when a family brings their pet (especially dogs! I’m a dog person!) to their photo session? It’s my favorite. Really. If you’ve been on a shoot with me, you’ve probably had to stop for a second while I pet passing dogs on walks […]

The L. Family

boys and their dog

November 18, 2019

I am always excited to spend an early morning weekend photographing friends, two adorable kids, and a dog that is so happy all the time it’s pretty hard not to smile. I’d like to think most of the families I photograph have a bit of fun during their sessions, but with the M. family the […]

~ The M. Family ~

kids and their dog

November 12, 2019

I get really excited when I get to photograph not only a great family but also my friends! And the S. family certainly falls into both categories. We squeezed in all our fall family photos, laughed, and had a few 5th birthday moments too. All in all, a pretty perfect way to spend a weekend […]

~ The S. Family ~

mother and daughter

November 11, 2019

I adore this big family!  All six of them did such an amazing job on their family session this past fall.  (Have I mentioned that I’m a little bit behind on blogging sessions?!).  They combined their fall family shoot with their little guy’s first birthday photos.  May I just say he is the easiest, happiest, […]

~ The M. Family ~

mom and daughter

January 14, 2019

What can I even say about these four smiling faces and their fall family photo session?!  The S. Family is such a sweet family and their two kids are so cuddly.  (Which I’m always impressed with because when I ask siblings to cuddle and give each other a hug during a session, the mom in […]

~ The S. Family ~

family in tall grass

December 17, 2018

It was a rainy day last month that I had the privilege of photographing my very sweet little nephew for his first birthday (along with his family too, of course).  The whole family braved the drizzly weather on an exceptionally warm weekday afternoon. We started the first birthday shoot out in the forest under the […]

A very special First Birthday

first birthday photo

December 3, 2018