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Such a joy photographing these five in their fall family session. They’re all cuddles, snuggles, and smiles… and also just the nicest family around! Looking to capture your family snuggles? Find more info. Ready to book or have more questions, I’d love to chat!

The P. Family

mom and kids

October 21, 2021

Not only is it definitely fall in Chicago, but I get an extra dose of friendly faces in front of my camera this time of year. Oh how I love it! And these two sweet little brotherly smiles… what could be better? They did such a great job (even in a sweater on an unseasonably […]

The B. Family

October 11, 2021

I have SO many beautiful fall family sessions that I haven’t had a chance to post yet on the blog. All my sessions are completed and online galleries have all been sent out for the year, so now I have a bit more time to revisit some of my favorite fall sessions and post all […]

The E. Family

fall family poses

December 10, 2020

Every year my mom mentions that she needs some new grandchildren photographs. And every year she tells me that we shouldn’t make a big deal… we can just take the them quickly outside in her backyard on Thanksgiving.  And every year I tell her there’s no “quickly” with four kids. And backyard photographs just don’t […]


bridget Lynn photography

October 22, 2020

It’s always a joy to photograph a family you know and love. And how lucky am I to photograph these four last month?! Go check out all the sweet brotherly cuddles. They’re my absolute favorite images from this family session. Interested in an scheduling your family session this fall?  I’d love to chat!

The K. Family

October 19, 2020

Part of the photographing families, means I have the privilege of meeting lots of new people. Usually there’s some connection… friends of friends, neighbors, people that went to the same schools, or in this case friend’s of friend’s neighbors. And I’m so lucky to have met the L. family! Not only were they a ton […]

~ The L. Family ~

family sitting on bridge

November 25, 2019

We love Halloween over here! So Halloween costume photos are always a must in this house.  And yes, we do them in advance.  Nothing gets accomplished on actual Halloween day.  Just lots of candy eating. So hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween! Maverick and Goose sure did. (And if haven’t had your fill of […]

Happy Halloween from Maverick + Goose


November 8, 2018

“There is a destiny which makes us brothers; none goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own.” – Edwin Markham   Those everyday moments that weave the tapestry of this thing called life.  I try so very hard to remind myself to stop in the midst […]

The Quiet Moments

lifestyle photography

May 7, 2018

I’m a big believer in the importance of capturing all the beautiful everyday moments.  Especially those classic childhood memories that, as parents, pass us by in a flurry.  Which means at times I follow my kids around with the “fancy” camera. Snow days and sledding are the favorite parts of winter in our house.  So […]

Snow Days

boy in snow, Bridget Lynn photography

March 13, 2018