Puppy Portraits!

There has been an implosion of new puppies all around us! We have our new little rescue, Charlie. Our friends have a new (big!!) girl. It seems that the park and school pick up is full of them. We’ve been running into furry little faces everywhere we go. Which I think is amazingly wonderful because puppies really do make your day better… unless of course, you’re the one who’s shoes got eaten and has to pick up all the poop in the house. (Which is me of course). Despite that part of it, I’ve gotten out my camera to mark the puppyhood phase because it goes by fast.  (And because you can still stuff a 60 lb puppy in a basket. But let’s be honest, how long is that going to last?).  I simply can not stop myself from puppy portraits. And, stay tuned, because I may just be one of those people that dresses up their dogs for Halloween. Yep, that’s on my fall to do list. In the meantime, enjoy all the puppy-ness.


And one last photo of our non-puppy (who is 14) and can certainly not be left out of puppy portrait day!

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