Mother and Child

Christmas season is the perfect time to take a little glance back from this past year’s family photo sessions to look at one of my favorite captures – mother and child. Let’s be honest, being a mom is really hard. None of use ever feel completely successful. It’s exhausting (among other things). Most of us moms (me included) are not really jumping to get in front of the camera. None of us are all that comfortable. Maybe it’s the baby weight you never lost, or the clothes you didn’t have time to buy (because you were too busy trying to dress everyone else), or maybe it’s the breakfast that was spilled all over your pants as you were rushing children out the door, or the missing mascara you completely forgot to put on one eye… whatever it is… just getting everyone out the door is hard enough. Expecting to come through it looking camera-ready is a bit pushing it. I get it. I’m not any different.

Here’s my little secret though.  You know what?  We’re all doing a really great job. We’re killin it.  You know how I know?  Just look at these stunning images.  I adore taking a photo of a mother and her child.  As  us moms rush from place to place, we don’t often take the time to notice how our kids fit snuggly into our bodies, how they look up at us with unconditional love. We don’t always notice just how much our children adore us. Sometimes it takes a photo to show us. And so this Christmas season, I am so very thankful for all the mothers that graced me with the opportunity to “catch” all that unconditional love.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a beautiful & healthy 2019.

mother and child mother and daughter mother and son

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