~ Luke ~

Ah, this little guy… what can I say? He is THE biggest trooper!  Little ten-month old Luke braved a very chilly, exceptionally windy Saturday morning.  Not only was the weather pretty rough, but he was getting over a double ear infection.  And yet, he was so very happy.  And so very easy going.  He learned all about the joy of discovering and following his own shadow, and got a ton of cuddle time from Mom and Dad.  There is nothing I love more than to watch those beautiful genuine memories unfold between a child and his parents.  Looking through these images, I can just feel the joy of childhood shining through.

Bridget Lynn photography

Bridget Lynn Family Photography

Bridget Lynn Photography, Family Photography

bridget Lynn photography

bridget Lynn photography

Bridget Lynn photography

Bridget Lynn Photography, family photography

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bridget Lynn family photography



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