Grandpa Tickles

I believe with all my heart in celebrating the moment. In freezing for a second the perfect reality of our beautiful lives.  I believe in the power of an image to capture all the beautiful little details that weave together the tapestry of our lives. And I believe that so intensely because of this… one single random Thursday morning that I was woken up by a phone call. One of those calls that changes the course of your life forever.

My father was sick.  We didn’t know how sick until later.  Sitting in his ICU room one day, two boys walked down the hallway past his room. And it hit me. My boys are too young. They’ll never remember him. All I will have are the memories left and the photos as proof of the endless grandpa hugs + kisses, tickles and love. And I realized that I made a mistake. I missed it. I spent the last two years, photographing my kids in their matching bowties, in perfect settings, with beautiful light. I didn’t capture the everyday moments. The toothless grins, the warm hugs, the less-than-ideal moments that wove together a tapestry of this beautiful thing called life. And I couldn’t go back.

After months, my father made a miraculous recovery. And I got another chance to go back and get it right. This photo was taken only three months later. I share this story only to tell you to take those pictures, encapsulate those memories, hold them dear. Don’t forget to celebrate everyday life. Hire a photographer, or dust of your own “fancy” camera and just do it. Because one day all we will have are our memories. And one day there will never be enough.

I started this business for my dad. And for my boys. Because we all got a second chance, and I want to get it right this time.

  1. Joey S. says:

    Bridget, you are so talented! So happy you are pursuing something you were meant to do!

  2. Denise S says:


  3. sue johnson says:

    loved all your pics! wishing you nothing but success .Your dad is even more proud of you now.!

  4. Jackie Janesku says:

    She is personable, open and flexible. She did an amazing job with my son’s first birthday photos! I highly recommend Bridget!

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