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These two… these two are and will forever be my favorite engagement session. They are some of my favorite people to hang out with any day let along a frigid Saturday morning in February.  For me, photography has always been about the experience of it all.  Watching personalities come out after a little bit of time, and all the laughter, and the pure joy and then having the privilege to capture it.  Of course, engagement sessions can always start out a bit awkward.  After all, very few of us actually like having our photo taken, but once we get over that there is so much more space to just go with it.  And enjoy the experience.  And capture real moments and real memories.  And these two had me laughing so hard that it was hard to keep my camera steady.  That, my friends, is a really great problem to have.  Of course I would expect nothing less from them.

engagement photography

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engagement photos

engagement session, bridget Lynn photography

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  1. Katie May says:

    Congrats on your engagement!! Beautiful pictures!!

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