Our little guy is FOUR!  I can’t believe the baby of the house is not even close to a baby anymore.  He is the funniest, craziest, bravest little four year old I know.  For his birthday, he has requested a motorcycle and a jet pack.  He simply can’t fathom Amazon not selling jet packs.  He loves anything and everything dangerous, enjoys a nice sushi dinner, and has his very own Starbucks order (a bacon/gouda egg sandwich + a chai tea latte (kid temp).  When he grows up he wants to be an ice-cream maker, bakery owner and guitar player.  All at the same time.  He’s formed an elaborate plan that includes building a stage on the bakery front lawn, playing guitar for everyone in the evenings, and handing out free cupcakes and ice cream cones.  (Dogs are only allowed vanilla). Oh, and he wishes he was turning six instead – so he can be just like his big brother.

birthday boy, Bridget Lynn photography

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