Fall Minis – The F. Family

This adorable family of five joined me on a chilly Saturday October morning for a fabulous fall family mini photo shoot. So I may be showing my age a little bit, but I just happened to know this Mom for most of my life, and I can’t explain in words how truly astounding it is to be able to photograph the children of friends + family that I’ve grown up with. I mean it’s amazing. Really amazing.

The little traits, mannerisms, characteristics… sometimes BIG traits, that I see in these kids from when their parents were young is only, for me, further magnified by the camera. I am literally mesmerized, especially when I’m knee-deep in editing certain images, to see how a little kid’s pair of eyes are exactly like their mom’s. Or their aunts. Or, in this case, exactly like their grandfathers. Yep, do you see this adorable little guy down here? He is his spitting image of his grandfather. Looking at him, makes me feel like I know exactly what his grandpa must have looked like when he was two. And that sweet little girl, Emma… well, let’s just say she has the same look on her face as her aunt when she gets annoyed. That’s a look I’ve received often from that Aunt of hers growing up. I know it well. All too well. And that sweet little baby girl, well we’ll have to wait to see who she takes after. I haven’t figured that one out yet.

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kids on a bridge

father and kids

photo of boy with blue eyes

kids playing on bridge

boy in forest


mom and daughter photo


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