~ Best Buds ~

These two… I could literally photograph them all day.  All. Day. Long.  I know I might be biased, but they are the sweetest of buddies.  Whenever the camera appears, they cuddle up for snuggles.  And this says a LOT because this little girl is NOT a cuddly dog.  Don’t let looks fool you.  She’s mostly a cat living in a dog’s body. She prefers her own personal space, and most of us have to respect her boundaries except for one little guy.  He’s allowed to snuggle her and she always hams it up for the camera when he’s around.  Really.  I could photograph them all day.  Have I mentioned that?

I’ve been trying to spend a bit more time working on personal projects this month.  Just for the love of it.  Just as a reminder how important photography is to me.  For the pure pleasure of it.. without looming deadlines or any creative parameters. So a few nights ago, I grabbed my camera one evening and headed to the backyard doorway. I had forgotten how much I love to shoot in open doorways… the simplicity, the moody dramatic feel.  (And the fact that this little girl can’t be off leash unless there just happens to be a fenced in backyard back there :).  Ooh and she just celebrated her 13th birthday a week ago.  So this is what 7 and 13 (or 91 in dog years) + lots of love looks like.

boy and shiba inu dog, Bridget Lynn photographyboy and his dog, Bridget Lynn photography


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