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What can I say… I mean… do they come any cuter than this?  I can answer that for you.  No. No, they most definitely do not!

Fairy princess wings, unicorn horns, big creamy hair bows and pink.  So. Very. Much. Pink.  I just love everything about it!

bridget Lynn photographybridget Lynn photography, family photography

Life doesn’t get any better than that when you’re  a sweet little girl turning four.  Surrounded by a household of unruly boys, it was a pure pressure hanging out with Acey and her mom for a fun and laid-back, vintage-inspired (and girls only!) photo shoot.

Really, if I could throw on my own pair of big girl fairy wings, I’d be “flying” through that beautiful wildflower field right along with her.  Wouldn’t you?

Happy fourth birthday Acey!  Hope you and your family treasure these memories and images for years and years of fairy flying

and unicorn  galloping.

bridget Lynn photography

bridget Lynn photography

bridget Lynn photography


bridget Lynn photography

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